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1)Through e-mail, online platform, face-to-face negotiations, telephone contact and other ways to meet the needs of customers
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2)Provide feasible solutions to customer
3)Welcome customers to the factory for a field visit to understand the operation of the machine
4)Negotiate and sign the contract according to customer's demand

On sale:
1) We can adjust our production plan according to demand of customer
2) Introduce reliable accessories manufacturers
3) After the completion of production, invite the customer to sample and deliver the goods

After sale: in china with zhejiang as the center, in henan, jiangsu, shandong linyi, qingdao, shenyang, hebei, anhui, fujian, sichuan, chongqing and other places have offices. At the same time, we also provide global service, as long as you need, we can go anywhere to serve you, we firmly believe that we provide not only first-class products, but also first-class service.

1)Return visits to customers on a regular basis to understand their usage
2) Accept customer questions 24 hours a day
3) Having multiple emergency solutions, problem solving is fast
4) Some machines are equipped with remote control system, remote control to solve customer problems
5)1-year warranty for non-artificially damaged machines (except for breakable parts)

Our Service Purpose: 0% Defects,100% Customer Satisfaction
Our service concept: customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit
Our service commitment: As long as you call a phone,24-hour service is in place
Our Service Style: Quick Reaction, Lightning Action
Our service policy: accurate information, quick response, efficient handling and customer satisfaction
Our Service Team: Professional Education Degree Strong technical skills International Service Quality


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