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Crescent tube regulator

General Status

Crescent tube regulator is a product developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology, with single chip microcomputer control, hydraulic drive, man-machine dialogue operation, easy to set input, manual, automatic arbitrary selection and automatic conversion. The mobile foot switch has two functions of starting and stopping.Stable performance of the machine, high efficiency of pipe necking, is the ideal equipment in the pipe fittings processing industry.

Technical data

1、 Maximum necking:Ф40*2.0mm
2、 power of motor:4KW
3、 oil pump :17L
4、 Pressure :120 MPA
5、 Fuel tank volume:120L(Recommended 32# mechanical oil and YA-N46 hydraulic oil )
6、 Size:2450×780×1500mm
7、 Weight :650Kg

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